Blog? What Blog??

Hello??? Is this thing on??

I get many emails from wonderful people asking where have I been?  Why have I not been blogging?

And, it’s life, just life.  It gets busy and I find no time for blogging.  Sad I know because I have so much to say.

For a quick run down this is what’s been going on the last year:

Still Paleo.  Not so much a “diet” as a lifestyle.  I find talking about it to be boring now in a way.  It’s so over talked about at this point everywhere you turn.  I still have many recipes and findings to share so I will still ramble on about it.  We do add in a few other foods now and then.  A few dairy products here and there and even once in a while some gluten free oatmeal I found at trader joes which everyone can tolerate.  But, 95% of the time it’s meat, veg, fruit, and a few nuts.  Period.

Kitchen remodel.  HUGE undertaking and a project that still is NOT completely finished.  I PROMISE to post pictures, SOON!  September will mark the two year point and I really hope to be finished by then.  It’s fully functional now though and really has just cosmetic finishing to do.

Furniture restoration.  I’m in the middle of about 6 pcs right now.  With limited space and winter weather, I don’t have anything finished enough to showcase.  As soon as the sun comes out though so will my sander and elbow grease.

Fitness front.  I’ve gotten back into lifting quite a bit.  I love it!  It just makes me happy.  I have done some mud run stuff (SO FREAKING AWESOME) and plan to do a lot more.  A triathlon is in my future too.  I’ve pretty much determined I’m not a “runner” –  10k is my max and it can’t just be pavement.  I need other “stuff” to do along the way cause I don’t enjoy it, it’s not for me.  So in the meantime, just hand me my weights and let me be.

Photography is phasing OUT!  I realized I don’t like photographing things or people that I don’t want to photograph. People are picky and unappreciative and no one wants to pay for the time and talent it takes to produce beautiful pcs of art.  So, still doing a few weddings here and there because they actually pay really well and still doing a few random pcs and shows of MY CHOOSING but that is about it.  My site should be going down soon and advertising has come to a complete halt.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I will repeat over and over again:

I’ll post more
I’ll post more
I’ll post more

Until then, I hope all of you are enjoying spring, looking forward to summer, and kicking some kind of major ass in whatever it is your heart so choses to do.


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