What I’ve been up to

In a nutshell I’ve been up to my ass in our kitchen remodel.  It’s been painstakingly way more EXPENSIVE and time consuming than we ever imagined!

Is it done?  NO

Things have progressed though…..

I have a floor, and a few cabinets.  My washer and dryer are back in their nice little cubby and my stove albeit not in the proper place, is hooked up and useable, THANK GOD!  Not being able to cook has put a major crick in our physiques.  We have a few cabinets up and we scored a fabulous temporary countertop at IKEA in the “as is” section that will work wonders until we’ve saved up enough for some nice stone.

Tonight….I might even get my sink hooked up!  Yes, be still your heart, RUNNING WATER in my kitchen!  No more dishes in the tub.  Which reminds me my Vitamix is in there right now waiting to be washed.
And you wonder I’ve not been around blogging =(

Here are some pics of the progress so far.  I also have several pics from when it was just studs and joists on the floor.  I’ll have to post those later.  A few critters at that time even started calling our house “home”.  UGH

I’ll have you know I tiled that floor.  Every time I walk in the kitchen, (especially with no shoes on since it’s been a hard hat area for so long ), I’m soooo proud!

If the world ends tomorrow I’ll be so pissed off my kitchen wasn’t completely done!

On a Paleo note….Tonight I’m making stuffed bell peppers!  YEAH for an oven!!!  Our eating sans kitchen has not been the best.  It feels good to be cooking REAL food again!  I’ll post pictures and the recipe soon!

Thanks for sticking around even though I was MIA

Much love!

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