Pee test results….

Sorry, nothing good and kinky like an STD, or worse even a pregnancy test!  It’s just some nasty ketones.

I’ve been following my fat fast for four days now, feel fantastic and I totally think part of that is related to the no caffeine, and I’d like to say I’m about “back to normal”  whatever that might be.  Last nights pee test showed me to be a in decent state of ketosis.  People – The Sugar has left the building!!

I’m unsure if it is moderate ketosis or large…..
I made my older daughter hold the bottle and stick for me while I took the picture over her shoulder.  I didn’t tell her exactly what it was till the photo was done because I knew that holding a stick mom peed on was NOT on her top 10 list of things to do.  But she seemed to think the color was more dark.  I made sure to take the test in the early evening after I’d drank a lot of water that day.  I guess my thought is the more diluted my pee the better cause if it shows ketones in a really diluted state then it’s more accurately reading that I’m definitely there.  Make sense?  Doesn’t matter, to me it does.

The holidays always wreck havoc on me and it’s because I let it happen.  This year was pleasantly stress free and enormously filled with many treats, none of them paleo friendly.  Well, except for the bacon ;)
 I enjoy baking at the holidays, it’s what I do.  After the holidays are over and I feel like shit….I’m just not sure yet if it’s worth it all or not.  I did get by this year with no eggnog and brandy…hhmmmm  imagine that.  I think I made up for it with irish cream though in my many pots of coffee.

The last couple days I’m not going to lie have found me in major psycho bitch mode.  I won’t even try to sugar coat that one.  I’ve snapped at several people, especially family.  They always take the brunt of it.  I’ve gone off on a few Facebook friends and even at one point contemplated deactivating my account because I thought I would kill some of them.  I ranted a few days ago how much I hate people who’ve had weight loss surgery, which isn’t even true, I don’t really hate anyone, and I’ve gone from giggles to smiles in a matter of milliseconds.
Low carbs + PMS = Aint that a bitch (like me)

Today, MUCH better though!!!

So I think I mentioned a few posts back about how I was theming this year to be the year of “LEARNING”
Learning many things.  Some fun and some not so fun.  Some will probably free me and some will probably take up a shit load of my time.

The first on the list is learning to embrace ME!  With all my faults and flaws.  I am not perfect and I need to learn that is A-OK!

I think you all know by now about my 24 Hour Fitness campaign I did and if you know about it, then you probably also know I HATED the pictures.  I actually can barely stand to look at them.
Well there are HUGE billboards and cutouts of me at the mall.  A very busy mall!  I never seen them but EVERYONE and their mother seen them and I can’t tell you how many pictures I have in my email box from friends and family with them standing next to my posters.
Anyone in their right mind would think “wow how cool!”  But all I could think was “NOOOOOO!!!”
I had NO intention of going and seeking out any of them.  I hadn’t been to the mall in like 7 months.  I’ve even avoided the gym for a long time so I wouldn’t see them.  The only parts of the campaign I’ve seen are on their website and newsletters.
My husband though, being the wonderful guy that he is, drug my ass to the mall the other day.  He said
“YOU WILL REGRET NOT SEEING THEM!”  And, he was right.  I let out a big exhale and said to hell with it and I’m glad I did.

Yes, it was kinda fun to see my face all over.  I still hate the pictures though….lol (however my boobs looks fabulous!)

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4 thoughts on “Pee test results….

  1. Barbara

    FINALLY…it's about damn time they did something with those pics. have lifesize cut-outs at the MALL?!?!!? You look great! Happy New Year dollface!Barb

  2. primroseandpaleo

    Really want to try the Pee test, its just a ph test, yea? How do you manage without coffee? How long have you been coffee free? Are you wine free as well?Great blog! Cara

  3. ME

    Hi Cara!Yes I'm wine free as well. I'll dry out on the wine till my bday in March and then I'll go tasting and probably start drinking a few glasses a week.I do ok without the coffee. I drink decaf and it's ok. I'm addicted to the pee sticks…haha Just measures your ketones I guess. I just know I want them dark and purple =)


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