Alarming on so many levels….

I heard this topic floating around…..

This morning Good Morning America had a little pc on it and then when I was reading the NY Times I came across the article.

The big pharm (big surprise) wants to lower the obesity requirements for lap-band surgeries.  The FDA is considering (my ass, more like being bought to consider) lowering the BMI guidelines.  Now Allergen, the company who makes these fantastic devices (please hear my sarcasm) can put them inside more people and “help” them shed weight and disease.

I mean really why bother going to the ROOT CAUSE of the disease and obesity….like say….I don’t know…DIET!!!!!!  Let’s just put a bandaid over the problem.  Lets fill you up with “devices” and mess with your bodies instead.  It’s so much more lucrative!!  We will make a lot more money if we just keep feeding you shitty food and handing you distorted, and in my humble opinion DEADLY food pyramids, so we can keep you sick and fat and then, fatten our wallets by “fixing” you.

It’s just disturbing on so many levels.  I can’t even get out the frustration I have right now.  Is this what it’s coming to?  Does no one own any amount of responsibility for themselves anymore?
You are what you eat, and if what you’re eating is shit, chances are you’ll be the first in line for a new lap-band with promises that you’ll have speedy weight loss and a whole new life.
But at what cost?  Do we start putting these on children now?  At what age?
I mean clearly putting toys in Happy Meals has made your children fat right, so now we are going to fix it by putting a “device” in their body. They can still enjoy those happy meals (that YOU BUY THEM), just in smaller doses.  Don’t change the diet.  Please don’t change the diet! Just keep eating what you eat.
It makes us RICH RICH RICH!

I’m completely beside myself.
Sorry for the rant.  I just get soooooo livid sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Alarming on so many levels….

  1. ME

    I know SEVERAL people who have had gastric bypass surgery which is sooo damaging to the body on so many levels, and then they just go and gain weight back. They never treat the underlying problem that causes the obesity. Snickers for breakfast?? Seriously worked with someone who ate Snickers for breakfast after her surgery. It's just craziness. Plain and simple craziness! LOL I just feel like people think it's ok to eat shit cause they can fix their fat butt when really it's about so much more than a fat butt ya know. Guess we'll just watch from the sidelines with our steaks and greens and see what happens ;)

  2. Kelly Olexa

    I agree with you 100%!! For realz. I had a friend in FL whose father wanted all his daughters "skinny" and so he bought her the tummy tying surgery- and she did get skinny….eating crap like candy bars and alcohol….and then GOT FAT AGAIN. Ridiculous. The only way to really get lean and healthy is to EARN IT! DANG!!


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