I always knew I was supermodel!

SOOOOOO last week I did something COM-freaking-PLETELY out of my comfort zone!

I went to a casting call for 24 hour fitness.  They were looking for new faces for their print and commercials.  It was so out of character for me, really.  I mean I know I pretend to be a supermodel but I never really put it into practice.

After they took a few pics of me, watched me do some random exercises and asked me a few questions, they sent me on my way with a “we’ll call you don’t call us” type message.  If I was one of the few selected I’d hear from them the 22nd.

Flash forward to the 22nd.  This morning, my phone breaks.  Goes completely on the fritz!!  I’m panicking!!!  I’m expecting a VERY important phone call today!!!

I go to the apple store, wait for-EVER and finally they have to give me a new phone (no, not the NEW NEW phone coming out thursday) but just a new one like mine.  Let’s give a huge shout out for extended warranties people!!

So, I get home and try to get my voicemail messages cause of course I forgot the password.  I finally get in and who left me a voicemail???  24 Hour Fitness!!!!!!
YAY!!!!!  I called them back and I was picked!!!  I’m one of the 6 people!!  They did casting calls in several cities all over the country I guess, I thought it was just my city cause we are where the corporate offices are, but guess not.  It was real American Idol style!  That makes is doubly exciting to me!!!  They fly me to Vegas next week for the photo and video shoots.  4 Days in sin city people!!!  Model by day and pole dancer by night!  JUST KIDDING…..maybe.  I might want to make a few extra dollars while in town.
I can’t cut or color my hair or change anything about my looks.  I have to be just how I was when they took my pics last week.  I will be getting a wax though.  They clearly weren’t close up enough to see that I had a five o’ clock shadow going on.

I’m shaking.  Seriously nervous and excited and scared.

Hope I don’t look fat.

I better get in the gym.

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8 thoughts on “I always knew I was supermodel!

  1. Barbara

    OMG!!! Wow this is awesome!!! Shantel, I always have thought you completely beautiful but know YOU know what others see.This could be the start of something….just saying!Congrats and take lots of pics!!!!

  2. ME

    Thanks Barbara! I was going to email you the other day actually about some modeling stuff and just didnt get any computer time. It was mostly from a photographer prospective but I might have some other questions now about the other side of the lens =)I'm so nervous!!!

  3. ME

    Thanks!!! I'm home now! No place like home =)I'll blog tomorrow hopefully about the whole shindig. It was surreal!


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