5.  It’s hot here.  I think that summer has FINALLY decided to show her bright face.  It was crappy and rainy and cold….and THEN, it was 80!   I love Mother Nature.  She clearly suffers from mood swings just like the rest of us.

4.  I got a new book today.  Amazon I adore you once again for offering my impatient ass 3.99 overnight shipping.  No one else could ever get me so excited at such a bargain.  Today I’ll begin reading Primal Body Primal Mind.  Can’t wait!!

3.  Not that you care but the other night I woke up at 1am with the WORST ever cramps!  Like nothing I’ve ever had aside from being in labor.  It was the middle of night and I was walking around the house in agony.  The whole time thinking OMG I must be pregnant!  I must be in some kind of labor.  I’m going to be one those random strange girls in those stories you hear about on like 20/20 or Dateline where they’re pregnant and they don’t know till they are in labor and the baby is coming out. YES, that’s it!!  That’s what is happening to me!!!!  After scouring the cabinets for DRUGS I ran across some medication the Dr had given me for my shoulder when I hurt it last summer.  WTH I thought, I’ll try these.  They did NOTHING for my shoulder pain, but after just 15 minutes of taking it, my cramps were GONE and I felt all light and tingly!   WOW…..nothing like a good high to get you back to bed and resting easily.
Two days later…..aunt flow showed up instead of another baby.  There really must be a god.  Or at the very least someone looking out for my sanity.

2.  I’ve been in the kitchen making some random stuff.  None of it primal in any way, shape or form. Remember a few posts down I talked about lemon scones and how I loved them and they were delicious and I really wanted to make some, better yet wanted someone to make them primal and then give me the recipe?  Well anyhow, I made some.  No, they weren’t primal.  But OH MY GOD, were they good!!!  SOOOOO GOOD!!  SOOOO damn good in fact that I alone ate all of them but two.  Yes, I let my daughter and my husband have one, but JUST one!  Do I feel terrible about it?  No, not really.   Then yesterday I made a Mexican inspired dinner for the family and the only thing I could think of to top it off was a margarita.  However I had nothing to make a margarita with but tequila.  Thinking that was probably the most important pc I dug out my trusty vitamix, poured in a rather generous amount of tequila, a handful of frozen strawberries, half of a banana from my daughters leftover breakfast, and a tbsp of pure organic sugar (the real stuff cause I’m not doing artificial anymore) and mixed it all up.
What came out was the most delicious adult beverage EVER!  And, I didn’t share.


1.  I’m back!!  Yes, I was missing for a few weeks.  Getting life back together and the family healthy and back to work and school and just back to “normal”…whatever the hell may be.  It feels good to be back.
Focused and energized.  Ready to take on the summer with gusto (and possibly a few more adult beverages).  I’ve notice by not eating primal most of the time though my energy was getting low and I was really relying on caffeine to get me by most days.  Speaking of which my daughter’s teachers gave me a Peet’s gift-card yesterday for helping in the classroom this year.  So sweet!  I’ll definitely use it.  But only to buy decaf americanos, promise!!  Because although I’ve had some caffeine in the past few weeks, I’m not at all addicted again and I plan to stay that way!
So, I’m back eating the way my body was designed to eat and feeling great!  Cause really, that’s what it’s all about in the end, Feeling Great!!! And, let’s not kid ourselves here,  looking great naked counts too…..counts a whole hell of a lot!!

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10 thoughts on “5-4-3-2-1

  1. Barbara

    I have missed you and your fun posts!!!Alot of the Crossfitters drink Norcal Margaritas…tequila, club soda and lime. Eh..nothing compared to what YOU made.Glad you are back:)B

  2. Muslfetish

    I too have missed your posts! That drink looks delicious! It's been a long ass time since I had any alcohol…Christmas I think and that was just a couple glasses of wine :) Chris tried to get me to drink Friday…for some reason a horny funny drunk girl is one of his favorite things, go figure ;) lol, but I figured I had done enough damage with my bacon cheeseburger with the bun lol :)

  3. ME

    Hey Tracey!! I have been meaning to email you! I didn't forget about you….lol Life has been hectic..like you don't know that.I can truly say after being 3/4 of the way done with that book that is has completely changed my life!! There are three books that have really done that for me now on the nutrition front for various reasons:Master your meabolismThe Unhealthy Truthand now, Primal Body Primal Mind. I'm so engrossed in this latest one!! Seriously thinking I might try to wean off my anxiety meds!

  4. golooraam

    oh I hear ya about returning to the way we were supposed to eat… just got back from Maui last night 10.4 lbs heavier, I look and feel disgusting.. back to eating primal for me

  5. Trixie

    I couldn't put it down. Would love your thoughts. I think she had some very interesting things to say. Have you checked out her blog?? I truly feel she address's the mind/body connection to why we have food addictions etc.

  6. ME

    Tracey are you talking about the unhealthy truth? you read it already? or are you talking about the primal body primal mind?


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