Fresh Movie review, Farmer’s Market Finds, Food Rant

Saturday in the mail I got Fresh the movie (yayyyy) and was so excited to watch it!  I’m going to be hosting a viewing party.  SOON!  But, really just has to watch it myself first to make sure it was good an all.  Ya know I don’t want to have a party and then the movie be a big flop.

Here’s my review:
4 out of 5 stars!  I didn’t like it as much as Food Inc (definitely a 5 star movie) but it was still really informative and easy to follow.  I would suggest seeing Food Inc first and then seeing Fresh.  Only because Food Inc will introduce you to a lot of people you will see again in Fresh.  I was afraid that Fresh would just kind of regurgitate what Food Inc was stating and thankfully that wasn’t the case at all.  Although they are about the same topic, the information was different.  I learned a lot of things from Fresh that I didn’t already know.  One of them being that pigs don’t sweat…lol  Really, I learned that!  See, interesting stuff!  But seriously, it’s great and you should try your best to get out there and see it.

Since we got our Farm Fresh To You delivery last Friday…well the last LAST Friday, this past Saturday was our farmers market day.  The family and I headed into Oakland to one of the greatest Farmer’s Markets around.  Those vendors had some amazing produce!   Making its way back home with us was:
A large bag of mixed greens with edible flowers (sooo pretty), kale, carrots, cilantro, and strawberries.

These little hands couldn’t resist the fresh berries.  They truly were like tiny burst of sunshine in your mouth.

We also picked up some fresh organic raw milk and some organic kambucha (did I even spell that right?) Which I honestly haven’t tried yet.  Obviously I haven’t tried the milk cause I’m dairy free but the Hus said it was mighty tasty!  

In the past couple months I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research, like many of you, on the benefits of eating grass-fed meat and organic free range poultry and pork, etc.   I’ll admit that I try my hardest to eat the best meat we can afford, but not all the time can it be grass-fed this or organic that.  I would say right now we are at like a 50/50.  At the very LEAST I make sure there are no hormones or antibodies and disgusting crap like that.  But sometimes that’s the best I can do.  After leaving the market yesterday and paying a small fortune for some grass-fed beef (can you say 35 bucks for ONE FRIGGING STEAK) I started to get really upset thinking about the situation we are all in and how eating good food should be a human right and not just something for the rich.

Shouldn’t all of our children have the opportunity to be fed food that is good for them and nourishing rather than toxic and poisoning to their little systems??!!  It enrages me that government chooses to subsidize shitty half-assed genetically modified food that is KILLING us and our babies rather than give subsidies and special project funds to farmers and ranchers who are trying to provide the best food products possible.  It’s such a shame!  It literally disgusts me to no end!

Then I started thinking about how the “good” food is more expensive (about double here in my area) and if you buy just what you can afford, then you clearly wouldn’t be buying much.

But then in return…I guess that would mean you would eat less right?

And if you were only buying and eating the best food possible that you could afford, surely you would be feeling satisfied and nourished and your body wouldn’t be as hungry……say as if you were eating processed additive laden crap food.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re eating tons of shit (I use that term in the broadest sense to encompass all food that isn’t natural) your body will begin to stay hungry and begin to crave that stuff because you are not really FEEDING IT.  You might be stuffing it with “shit” but you’re not truly feeding your body.

So then what happens?  You keep eating cause you think you’re hungry (can we say obesity epidemic).  When really you’re not hungry at all, you are malnourished!  Perhaps like a vicious cycle.  You use what small food budget you do have to buy the most QUANTITY rather than the most QUALITY.  I mean it makes good sense I suppose.  You want the MOST for your money.   We all do right?  But when it comes to food, the MOST should be the MOST nutritious, not the MOST as it 12 things of Top Ramen for 1 buck right?

Am I making any sense here?  Rambling I’m sure…I know I have a tendency to do that.

I’m just really starting to rethink the food game and our strategy.  AND I definitely 100% sympathize with those families who can’t afford to buy the 22.99lb meat (I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU) because we are one of them!  But in the same breath though, I’m not going to spend that 22.99 on processed foods and simple carbs, only to make myself even hungrier and worse off than I was before.
What to do…what to do….

UGH!  The sheer insanity of it all makes me want to skip the food all together and just go get a f*cking DRINK (or three) for crying out loud!!

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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10 thoughts on “Fresh Movie review, Farmer’s Market Finds, Food Rant

  1. Muslfetish

    holy sh*t that is an expensive steak…I wouldn't even be tempted to buy it grass fed or not. I have a hard time paying $5.00 a lb for some Laura's beef. So yeah, I do the best I can without breaking the bank but it's definitely a load of crock when I can go to Aldi's and load up my cart with shit for $70.00 but half a cartful of organic good quality food costs $170 and as a single parent with 3 kids sometimes it's just not doable.

  2. Shantel

    I know right!!!! That's what I'm saying! Hence why HE is the only one that got one. He said it was the best he'd ever had though. I was like I sure as shit hope so! HA! I do the best I can too and it's hard sometimes on a budget that's for SURE. Our house really is looking BARE Right now..LOL The fridge is practically empty…haha Looks kinda clean and purty though =)

  3. Sylvia

    GACK! I feel the frustration!!! I don't wanna eat crap either . . doin't the best I can. Can't even afford the alcohol to drown my frustration in either LOL!

  4. jen-x

    I feel your pain Shantel. I know exactly how $$$ it is in the Bay Area and I know that it is criminal the way food is manufactured.When I lived in CA, I would go in on a side of grass-fed beef with a few friends and that cut down on the costs.One of the benefits of living in little Austria is their food laws. You don't mess with these people's food. Of course it is a tiny country, less population than the Bay Area. The whole country! lol.I have returned to being a vegetarian and that is much cheaper. Not suggesting a lifestyle change or anything.But I can be organic and cheap as as vegetarian.Keep up the good fight.jenniferI totally know Castor Valley. My brother lives in the east Bay.

  5. Shantel

    YES JEN!! You are so right on the $$ (no pun intended…lol)We are going in on a side of grass-fed beef with my mother in law. It is way cheaper. We were measuring our freezer the other night to make sure we would have room.We got our own chickens last year cause I was sick of paying so much for organic free range eggs. Now I keep teasing my husband we need to move to the country and have a farm so I can raise my own pigs and beef. I'd probably turn vegetarian then. Not sure I could eat my bacon if it had a name…lol

  6. Tiffany

    Hi there. Out exploring tonight and found your blog. It's a real struggle with the grass fed beef thing. I wish I had access to raw milk and fresh eggs and grass fed beef. We do the best we can – it's all that we've got. One step at a time, with what money is available. I wish there was a realistic and easy solution! But you know what they say, "You can wish in one hand and s*it in the other, and see which one fills up faster."


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