Drinking fish oil to get into my skinny jeans..

Or something like that.

In an effort to get my omegas more inline I’ve been thinking about adding fish oil to my regimen.  I took the fish oil quiz at Whole9 and it came out with me needing about 5 capsules of fish oil a day.  Which seems like a lot but hell if Stacey can take 14 (or some crazy shit like that) then surely I can take a measly 5 right? I used to supplement with fish oil a lot back in the day.  Time to start again.
When I went to the health food store I was reading the fish oil dosage on this particular bottle of the Carlson brand and it said that 5 capsules was the same amount as one teaspoon of their liquid fish oil.  Not being a fan of taking all those pills I decided to opt for the liquid.  It’s orange flavored.  Really?  Orange flavored fish oil?  Like it won’t be nasty enough on it’s own you need to add an essence of orange..?  ACK!!  AND to top it off it was 25 bucks!!!  $24.90 to be exact but add on tax it was more like $27.  JEEZ!!  Trust me at that price I’ll be swigging it straight from the bottle like it’s a good whiskey!

Now to recap where I am at this point:

10 weeks of Paleo/Primal eating.  Absolutely NO grains or dairy or sugar.  No processed foods with the exception of a few random condiments here and there.  This way of eating has been relatively easy for me.  I LOVE IT!  I feel incredible and my energy is on fire most days!  The stomach issues that I set out to conquer are gone and that was the main reason for going this route in the first place.  Weight-loss was just the icing on the cake (the primal friendly cake).

I’ve lost all the nasty pounds I packed on over the holidays and then a few extra to boot.  Bringing me to a total of 15 pounds.  My body-fat, although not professionally tested and I hate to caliper myself, has also been going down according to my Tanita, considerably.  More so than my weight has in the last few weeks which we all know is a good thing.   I would however like to lose a few more pounds/inches.  The scale itself has been stagnant the last couple weeks and it’s driving me insane.

So, as not to get completely obsessed or caught up on the damn scale, I’m forgoing it the ENTIRE month of April.  That’s right folks, NO SCALE FOR ME!  Instead I’ll just be trying on these teeny tiny jeans I have and they will be the indicator of my progress.  Which is really a hell of a lot more accurate than the f’ing scale!!

Now once I get into these jeans I’m not sure I’ll actually WEAR them out of the house cause they aren’t that cute to me anymore.  But, still, a great goal!  I bought these after my first daughter was born.  I was sooo skinny after I had her!!  It was that ephedra (ma huang).  F*CK the FDA and their recall of the good shit! UGH!  Ok…..j/k (kinda)  
Chances are though now, knowing all I do know, I probably wouldn’t go near the stuff! 

6 thoughts on “Drinking fish oil to get into my skinny jeans..

  1. Barbara

    Hey Shantel…so I'm officially blog stalking you now:) Reasons being 1) you write a killa blog and 2) I want to go 100% primal for a few months. I went back in your logs and checked out your recipes.I don't have a juicer or dehydrator though:(What kind of dehydrator do you own?Congrats on 10 weeks and going strong!

  2. sarah

    hey Shantel!I love reading your blog – the new design is awesome! I've been trying to go primal for a couple of weeks, but can't seem to fully commit to letting go of a few things (like milk in my tea). I also find I want to eat all the time!Do you count your calories or do you find your appetite just regulated itself after a while? btw I made your chocolate bar on the weekend and it was super yum!

  3. Shantel

    B it's funny you said that cause I was doing a lot of crossfit research and thinking I needed to contact you about it…lol The dehydrator I use is the Nesco American Harvest 1020 I think. Amazon has it. I have it in one of the boxes on my blog. I don't think you need a juicer. I don't use mine that often really. Every once in a while if I want to juice a beet or something. Mostly just use my blender. But the dehydrator has been a GREAT investment!! I'm going to get a little more strict with my diet cause I've been eating too many paleo treats so to say…haha Hi Sarah!! Glad you liked the chocolate bar!! I had to stop making them for a while..haha I had trouble with my coffee cause I always loved to put creamer in it. Now I put Almond Milk in it. Try the Almond Milk in your tea. Probably will be really good!! I wear a "gowear fit" so I do track my calories some what but I haven't been doing it as much as I would like. I do think it's important. Sometimes I'm really just not hungry though and I use those days as my intermittent fasting days. However as of late I've been eating everything in site. Well, everything Primal anyhow =)

  4. Muslfetish

    It's 15 lol :) I tell people that and they think I am crazy, but I am telling you I feel so much better and my shoulder is getting better crazy fast all of a sudden. It's all about reducing the inflammation. I SO WISH I would have read all this before surgery so I could have started right off, but better late then never. I will drop my dosage down once I have finished healing and I'm no longer "banged up" lol! And GIRL, is that $27.00 for 6.7oz?! You can get it over at Vitamin Shoppe for $22.00 for 16.9 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link:http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=CL-1938I was a size 2 exactly 3 times in my life for aprox 2 weeks at a time, right before each competition. I can't even get those jeans over my thighs unless I am doing 3 hours of cardio and starving myself lol!

  5. Anonymous

    I used to take that brand fish oil with the lemon flavor. My daughter would even take it because it didn't taste bad. Not sure about orange.Glad I found your blog. It's always interesting! & thanks for the tip on the MorocconOil. Using that every day.

  6. Shantel

    Um YEAH!! That is 27 for the 6.7 size! I will buy it online from now on. I just wanted it NOW and you how sometimes that inpatient trait can bite us in the ass…lol I bought it at a local mom and pop health store by my house. I try to go to mom and pops every once in awhile. Support my local community and blah blah blah..hahaAnd I'm out of my moroccon oil =( Need to get some more! Glad you're loving it…..Anonymous??


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